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Ride Unicorns to Work Day should be mandatory in all offices. It is a one day celebration where all employees get a free unicorn ride to work just to find that their desks are covered in glitter and that there's a whole-day cake buffet waiting for them.

I am Faith, 22, a grade school History teacher. I like to read, write, and make art. This blog is about surviving the early twenties and my attempts to making the most out of it. Also, I love unicorns. I used to ride one to work but now, I just walk.


Philippians 4:12-13

I know how to be brought low and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing hunger and plenty, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.


22 August 12


Let us skip the part where I apologize for my absence.

This weekend, I spent time with a lot of friends and once you’re out of school (just like I mentioned on other entries), people like to ask when you will be in a relationship. Usually, the next question is, “With whom do you want to be in a relationship with?” These questions, these silly little questions that I just don’t have answers.

Nobody asks me ever how I want to fall in love. Everyone is concerned with the who but I realized that I am more concerned with the how.

I want to fall in love organically, naturally, and without awkwardness. I want it to be like the growing of my fingernails. I want him to take root not only in my heart but also in my life. I want him to be there, constantly. I don’t want to be self conscious. I want it to be barely noticeable. I want it to be a surprise like waking up to a sunny morning when all the weather reports say that it’s going to rain that day. I want it to be simple because romance is very distracting, not to mention fleeting. I want to be sure.

And maybe, as I take notice of the how, it will be easier to identify the who.

How by Regina Spektor on Grooveshark

Chalk art by Dana Tanamachi

13 May 12

Romantic Love

You should watch this video. I cried buckets when I did. This is about Ian and Larissa’s love story and marriage. This video made me think about what I will be looking forward to in the (maybe near) future.

I am in this age when people start to ask me when I will have a boyfriend as if having a boyfriend is part of a time-bound to do list. I answer, “I don’t know. I am still enjoying singlehood with all its perks.” That answer is true but in close evaluation, the real reason why I don’t want a boyfriend yet is because I don’t see the point of being in a romantic relationship. I don’t see its purpose. I don’t know why I should jump into the lovey-dovey bandwagon. And as I mentioned in past posts, I see romantic love alone as lacking—it does not complete anything.

I am not bitter nor tired, maybe a little jaded so I ask these questions: What does romantic love look like? I had relationships in the past but I was never satisfied with the answers I got for this question. What would I gain if I avail it now? Do I even need it? These are questions of someone who is simply not interested. 

Lately I have been hearing a lot of preaching between Christ as the bridegroom and the Church as His bride. This illustration shows the love that Christ has for His people and how in turn, His people should respond to His love. In this video, John Piper was quoted, “The beauty of the covenant keeping love between Christ and His church shines brightest when nothing but Christ can sustain it.”

Ian and Larissa’s love is of this kind. A love that is not easy, not even practical and very far away from the ideal perfect princess life that the media has been feeding girls starting the age of five. Their love is the kind of love that only Christ can sustain. Their love has been a way for them to love Christ more.

This is a story where romantic love (with its “promises” of a shiny, perfect, happily ever after) is not the goal. This is a story where romantic love is a means to love Christ more. A secondary love, beautiful in its own sense, to keep the primary love of loving Christ ablaze.

I am willing to wait for my own version of this love. I don’t want to love easily or practically just as how Christ’s love for me is not easy or practical. The beauty of Christ shines through Ian and Larissa’s story and someday, instead of waiting for my prince, I will wait for the Prince of Peace to give me this kind of love. I pray that it would always be Christ that I would be waiting for instead of him.

19 April 12

True Love

I just want to announce to the world how much I love Hannah Hillam’s blog Verbal Vomit. I don’t usually like cheese but this post about her fiance is just so sweet.

Here’s a portion I especially love:

I show him my art, and he critiques it. He shows me his, and I do the same. We play a game where we point out fonts and try to guess what they are. Usually he wins, because he has every font memorized. We critique wedding announcements together.

True love, indeed. <3

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh. Tweaked by Faith.